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I'm sorry that you're here, but I'm also happy to see that you're actively seeking support through your loss. My name is Angela, and I'm a widow, mom of 3, a yoga teacher, certified trauma specialist and grief coach. I've taught yoga for over 17 years, studied with leading trauma researcher & author Dr.Bessel van der Kolk and have trained celebrity clients, but none of that compares to the depth of yoga I had to practice in order to survive the tragic & unexpected death of my husband, Patrick, 4 years ago.  Being left a widowed mom at 35 tested my inner strength in ways unimaginable. My yoga & meditation practice allowed me to navigate grief with a little more grace and get through the darkest days without losing sight of hope.


Navigating grief and partner loss has been a huge & recurring theme in my life (prior to being widowed, I had a fiance leave me right before our wedding).  Through these heartbreaks and tragedies, it's always been my spiritual practices that have gotten me through and that continue to do so each and every day.


In my signature program, the WRISE Method, I teach you REAL practices, tools and skills needed to process your grief with guided yoga, movement, sound, meditation & breath work (recorded and live) that work to restore balance to the nervous system. You receive lifetime access to the course and connection with a community of widows who GET it, so that when the waves of grief hit, life challenges arise & secondary losses hurt, in the months, years, and even decades to come, you are well equipped to handle them. By learning the practices & tools I use and teach everyday (developed from my 17 years of teaching + training as a certified trauma specialist and my 14 years personal experience with life altering grief & loss), you will navigate life after loss as an empowered and skillful self healer and find ways to turn your pain into powerful wisdom and purpose.  The program is opening early '23! Sign up to reserve a spot on the waitlist.

Wishing you much peace, love & healing through the Holiday Season Friend,

xo, Angela
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