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My Favorite Online Guided Meditations

With everyone in quarantine, without our normal outlets for relieving stress available to us, it's not surprising that most of us are experiencing abnormally high levels of anxiety. And with the added worries surrounding our health and the health of our loved ones, our finances/job security, feeling stuck at home and having our kids with us 24/7 needing constant stimulation and's just A LOT. There is so much uncertainty in the air right now and we are harboring great fear of the unknown. Fear causes stress, and stress is one of the greatest contributors to the deterioration of our physical and mental health/wellbeing.

So what do we do?

I'm pretty sure most of us wish we had the time for daily, hour long yoga practices, lengthy morning/evening routines involving journaling and intention setting and perfect self care regimens that lead to glowing souls and perfectly balanced auras BUT in reality a large majority of us have jobs to attend to, loads of house work to get done, mouths to feed and little, rambunctious humans running around the house during all of this tugging at us constantly and barely permitting us to get 1/3 of the things done that we set out to do at the beginning of the day. SO....sadly...that doesn't lead much time for relaxation and self care. But just because we're pressed for time and energy doesn't mean we can't find the time to relax and kick that anxiety down a few notches.

As a busy Mom of 2 toddlers who are constantly needing my energy and attention I hardly ever fit in full yoga classes anymore but I can always carve out time for a guided meditation.

They last anywhere from 5-20 minutes (with most being around 10) and you can do them whenever you get a chunk of time in the day. Nap time and before bed are great or these. They ground me in my body, get me out of my head and leave me feeling refreshed, recharged, inspired and anxiety free.

Here are my top favorite online guided meditation teachers:

1. Miki Ash

You can access her meditations on youtube and on her app The How. She also does an 8am live meditation on instagram every Monday morning that's lovely. Her voice is clear and calming and her relaxed, free spirit shines through her words, instantly putting you in the calmest space. She creates beautiful imagery with her words and employs powerful affirmations that leave you feeling empowered and capable of conquering your deepest fears and realizing your greatest dreams. She has an anxiety meditation on her app that was tailored for quarantine and is amazing. I love her evening guided meditation and financial abundance meditation on youtube too. Every single time I do her financial abundance meditation, new business opportunities come my way the very next day. It's wild.

2. Sarah Girard

Join her every Wednesday night on instagram live for a beautiful 30 minute guided meditation. If you don't have the chance to join her within the 24 hours that the meditation is live, it's available on her website for free/donation suggested. She is one of the most knowledgable, experienced, and grounded teachers out there. With a lot of "fluff" online it can be hard to know what's good and what's not if you're new to yoga/meditation. Trust me when I say that she is the best of the best. What I love about her guided sessions is that she sets up the meditation with a beautiful talk that incorporates yoga philosophy with some sort of story that includes her own and/or the collective experience with the teachings. I find that by the time she leads us into the guided mediation I'm so calm, present and out of my head that my body is ready to receive it. It's 30 minutes that you won't want to end. She one of the most gifted teachers out there and a must to practice with. Join her on Sunday mornings also, at 9:30am, for yoga on instagram live.

3. Ali Owens

Her gentle spirit and soft presence radiate from her words and beautiful imagery in her Chakra Series on YogaWakeUp. She guides you through 7 different meditations that describe the 7 chakras individually. I love it because depending on what I'm going through or needing more of, I can pick which chakra to focus on. If I'm feeling shy or unworthy, I'll do the Manipura (3rd chakra) meditation. If I'm feeling scared and/or not grounded, I'll do the Muladhara (1st chakra) meditation. Each chakra is home to different parts of our energetic field and when one is closed or stuck, it affects our emotional/metal health in different ways. She is a ray of light and a wealth of knowledge that will get you our of your head and into alignment with your heart. There are many other incredible teachers on YogaWakeUp too...if you're looking for short, simple yoga practices and guided meditations this is a great app to try. I'm on there are well with a few short and sweet practices you can check out.

A few minutes of mindfulness is all you need to feel centered and back in alignment. I hope these meditations bring you as much peace, presence and comfort as they do for me. Sending you all so much love during this crazy and stressful time.

Stay healthy! Stay sane and remember this too shall pass...



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