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Orange Creamscicle Dreampops

Your favorite childhood summer treat got a whole lot healthier AND only requires 3 ingredients to make! Easy peesy orange squeezy! Warning...these are highly addictive...

Nothing conjures up fond childhood memories of hot summers melting by the pool more than the orange creamsicles we used to buy at the snack shack for less than 50 cents a piece. It was always a race to lick them up as quickly as possible, while orange juice melted down our fingers and hands faster than we could consume the darn things. Oh those were the days! When our only cares surrounded riding our bikes around the neighborhood gossiping about boys, playing tetherball til our fingers nearly bled and pushing our parents to let us stay outside just a LITTLE bit longer. I mean...who needs dinner when you're in the middle of a VERY intense four square championship??!

I recently found myself daydreaming of those delectable pops that I used to devour daily at the local pool's snack shack, and realized that I hadn't tasted one since the early 90s when Ace of Base was singing about "The Sign." Could I truly be that old?


The 34 year old me figured that I could use my skills in the kitchen I've acquired over the many moons since that magical time to recreate those creamy, dreamy pops. However, I'd do so in a much more health friendly way that current Self could actually feel good about...

The greatest thing about these creamsicles is that they literally only have 3 ingredients and are so easy to make that even your toddler could handle them. In fact they're SO easy that they really do make for great fun in the kitchen with your kiddos if you happen to have little ones. I love to cook and prepare food with my kids whenever possible as I find it to be a great bonding experience and a wonderful time to educate them about the glory of culinary delights. Plus your kids will LOVE these pops as much as you did back in the day without you having to worry about them getting hacked out on too much sugar. Kid win AND Mom win!

What you'll need...

1. Popsicle Mold Tray (10 pops)

2. Freshly squeezed orange juice (about 3 cups)

3. Container of Vanilla Greek Yogurt (you can use coconut yogurt for vegan option)

4. Organic Honey (or maple syrup for vegan option)


1. Add 1-2 tablespoons of honey to orange juice and mix well..

2. Fill popsicle molds half full with orange juice.

3. Put one spoonful of yogurt (about 1 tblspn) in each mold (you can add a little honey to yogurt for sweeter popsicles)

4. Fill the rest of the molds up almost to the top with remaining orange juice.

5. Freeze for 1 hour uncovered without popsicle sticks so that juices harden a bit.

6. After an hour, cover the pops and place the sticks in them (be sure to not stick in all the way...about 3/4 of the way works well.

7. Freeze for at least 4 hours...for best results freeze overnight.

8. When you want to eat a popsicle, run the outer shell of the mold under hot water for a minute to loosen the pop so that it can easily slide out.

9. Enjoy!

You can get creative and use any flavor of juice you want if you feel like mixing it up. Possibilities are truly endless! Enjoy your trip down memory lane Loves!

From my heart to yours...


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