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sunshine eyes

a poem for you, my love.

I have seen the light of a thousand suns, yet none so bright as the light within.

Sunshine eyes that held within them eternal crystal skies,

radiating a kindness and a love unlike any other light.

A light that is unwavering in his strength,

unhindered by the structures and confines of this limited, material world.

A light that always found his own way and continues to explore new worlds fearlessly,

blazing a trail for us all across time and space.

And should we choose to follow his lead,

we too will eventually see,

that like a star born from the light

it is our birthright to be wild and free.

Free of the worries that shackle us... our checklists, deadlines and meaningless things.

Schedules and small talk, our paychecks, our wallets,

and life that we rush through without noticing.

While this light of his, it pays no mind to such frivolous, fleeting and insignificant things.

No No! not he.

He cannot see why one would waste one's precious time so unconsciously.

This light of his stretches it's fingertips into the far corners of eternity.

Feeling into each moment, which lasts a whole lifetime, revealing a beautiful heaven

available for all to see

who aren't blinded by fear, need or greed.

"Weep not for me" he asks, between each boundless breath and each beat in our chest,

"for my love is liquid gold that pours freely from the heart of the Source.

That beats in synch with yours and the Universe with every pulse in great force.

I cannot leave you, you see?

For energy never dies, and should you ever start to doubt this truth,

then just think of these sunshine eyes.

Unwavering in their strength, solid at their core, radiating that liquid gold light

and enveloping you in my love forever more."

"Do not be afraid!" he begs, "for within you lies that same great power,

for you and I are one and the same, all stemming from the same lotus flower.

Like drops of water that all make up the ocean,

or individual waves that together comprise the vast sea,

or single rays of light all beaming from the same star,

our consciousness cannot be separate, you see?

For there is no 'you' and there is no 'me.'

There is only togetherness and the infinite, eternal 'we.'

Life is meant to be l i v e d

each moment fully tasted and felt.

It's up to you to decide what you'll do with each day

instead of lamenting the hand that you're dealt.

So stop waiting for the perfect time

and choose instead to live fully in this present moment right here and right now.

Cherish each breath,

go on that adventure

and trust that it will all workout somehow.

Life was not meant to be lived in fear.

Frozen. Stopped stuck in our tracks.

Like light we too are free to explore without limits our one wild, precious and sacred path.

Like the smile in my eyes,

look Kindly upon others and love graciously in all that you think, say and do.

Know that I am with you and guiding you always

with every twist, turn and step through and through.

My light, the same light that was welded from eternity,

the same light that burns brightly in your heart.

Forever it shines on the fabric of time never letting us drift far apart.

For Source the heart yearns, and to Source it returns,

so grieve not for I'm just back at the Start.

And should you miss me or long to hold and kiss me just think of these sunshine eyes.

Wrapping you forever in sweet liquid gold and loving you in their unwavering light.

I'm here in your heart,

here at the Start

where it all begins and ends.

with your hand right there you'll feel me I swear

Just trust.


Give in.

Between that sweet double beat is held a song so deep

A chorus of 'I love yous' that never ends.

I love you.

I love you.

I love you.

For all of eternity...

My dear, sweet soul friend."



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