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Maternity Wear Essentials

As a Momma now in my third trimester, pregnant with baby #3, I've learned the ins and outs of all things maternity related. Dressing with a bump can be difficult to navigate, so I've compiled a list of my go to items and some tips to help you out while you're expecting.

Tip 1:

Don't go overboard and spend a lot of money on any maternity item, as you'll only wear it for a few months. Every Mom blogger suggests getting the faux leather Spanx leggings...and while I absolutely love Spanx leggings, they aren't the most economical option. Save your money! Buy the regular faux leather Spanx leggings for when you aren't pregnant, and buy the dupe option for those few months that you are. Here is a link to the one's I'm loving right now.

Tip 2:

Buy items that aren't specifically maternity and can be worn postpartum as well. Oversized dresses/tees/sweaters - these are all in style and can easily be worn with or without a bump. You'll love to wear them during those first few months postpartum too when you're body is readjusting and the last thing you wanna do is squeeze into tight, pre-pregnancy clothing. This top is so cute with or without a bump!


Get some "over the bump" maternity leggings/jeans/shorts/workout leggings. These you do need to purchase specifically maternity to accommodate your growing bump. No need to spend a lot of money though, as there are many affordable options! Then hold onto them in case you decide to get pregnant again. Here are some of my favorites...

Tip 4:

Buy belly support bands! Your expanding belly will stretch your abdominal wall, so the more support you use during pregnancy, the less stress will be put on your abdominal muscles and the more comfortable you'll be. They come in packs of 2-3, are stretchy and look great for layering under tees. I've linked my favorite ones here. Also get some longer tanks for layering (added bonus if they're nursing friendly as you'll be needing those should you choose to breastfeed). Here are some that I like....

Tip 5:

Don't forget that you are a sexy Momma! Your changing body can have you feeling all sorts of day you may feel like a glowing Goddess and within an hour you'll feel more like Humpty Dumpty. To keep yourself in more of that Goddess state (because that's what your are!), get a few items that make you feel sexy and feminine while also comfortable. On days I feel like I'd rather hide in a burlap sack than wear clothes, I'll throw on a nightie with a cute robe when I'm home instead of that oversized tee that makes me look like a giant house. Both are comfy and practical, but the nightie reminds me of my inherent sensuality and femininity as a pregnant woman. Your husband will won't mind it either!

I've linked my favorite here. It's SO sexy and SO supportive (no bra needed no matter how well endowed you are...this top will make them stay up!) and comes with matching undies. Options I every color. The open front shows off the bump while providing some coverage to your back and sides for a little modesty.

Tip 6:

Buy a ruched, maternity dress. You will wear it constantly in your third trimester for anything requiring a dress. The ruching a flattering and these dresses look great on a bump! Buy one that can double for day or night. Buyers beware- a lot of these dresses are ill fitting - too big and not fitted properly. This one I'm wearing here is the best I've found! Fits like a glove and is very comfortable. I wear it all the time dressed up and down.

Pink Blush Maternity makes this dress and they're having a 20% Off Sitewide sale this weekend with code : FALLTRENDS. Linked here are some of my favorite pieces...

Wishing you a happy and healthy 9 goes by so fast! Have fun with these tips dressing up that sweet bump Mama!


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